Saint Laurent Backpacks | ‘NOÉ’ backpack Black – Mens

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Black, cotton backpack, ‘NOE’ model from Saint Laurent. Fastened with a double strap includingbuckles. At the top pulled with straps. On the front a pocket with a flap, fastened with a…

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Black, cotton backpack, ‘NOE’ model from Saint Laurent. Fastened with a double strap includingbuckles. At the top pulled with straps. On the front a pocket with a flap, fastened with a clasp. Braces with the possibility of adjusting length. Black inner layer made of cotton. Inside a compartment and a zippered pocket.Metal finish in silver.
Outer and Inner Layer:
Other Elements:
Height: 41cm
Width: 32cm
Model’s Measurements
Height: 193cm
Chest: 95cm
Waist: 82cm
Hips: 93cm


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